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me! (...me)

chiara607 in 19_weeks

Rules for 19_weeks

*During the regular season, the schedule will be taken from nfl.com and posted by Tuesday midnight at the latest, either by chiara607 or deyaniera.

*Your picks must be done as a reply to the schedule post.

*The deadline for submitting picks is one hour before kickoff in your timezone.

*If, for some reason, you will be unable to get your picks in by the deadline, contact Becca at rjt3344 AT yahoo dot com or Kara at deyaniera AT livejournal dot com. We will post your picks for you. (In really desperate circumstances, if you have Becca's number -- and if you're on her flist, you should, as it's in a post-dated locked entry at the top of chiara607 -- call and submit your picks over the phone.)

*Posts do not have to be strictly related to posting picks; for example, there will be a post up in April for live-blogging the draft.

Any questions not answered here? Leave them in comments or e-mail the maintainers. :)


Hee. :D When are we posting the playoffs schedule post?
I am...getting right on that. :D?
Rawk! I have posted about the comm in my journal, and C wants in. :D
Excellent. *rubs hands together* Membership's open as of right now (if you have any thoughts on changing it to moderated, let me know, but I don't really see a reason for it), so he can go ahead and join, and once he does, he'll be able to post his picks whenever he's ready.
I can't imagine that the people that we'll have joining will need moderation.